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Where to Check Your Child's Bus Status?

The Maskwacîs Kiskinwahamâto Pôsowin (school bus) app will help parents, grandparents and guardians follow their student’s bus route – and stay up-to-date on any school bus delays or cancellations.

With the app, you can now check in on the status of your bus for morning pick-ups and afternoon drop-offs with the touch of a button.

Bus statuses will be displayed in one of three states on the app (and website):

katakopayô (green) – On Time

namayô katakopayô (yellow) – Delayed

namôya pimpayiwak (red) – Cancelled

For more information, please contact Maskwacis Transport: 780-585-2424 or 403-783-5275

Bus Status Information

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Responsibilities of Parents/Guardians

  • Ensure that your child(ren) are dressed properly for current or anticipated weather conditions. The temperatures on a school bus can drop dramatically in the event of mechanical problems.
  • Ensure that their child(ren) are at the designated pick-up point 5 minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time;
  • Help keep students safe before they board the bus in the morning and after they disembark in the afternoon. It is recommended that a parent or caregiver supervise at the bus stop in the morning, and be at the stop to take custody of your student(s) after they are dropped off in the afternoon. Daycare providers are required to meet students in their care at the bus stop.
  • Contact MESC Transportation Department if your student will not be riding the bus in the afternoon, as the bus operator is otherwise held responsible for taking home every student he/she picks up in the morning. Drivers are not permitted to use a cell phone during their bus route, and will not be able to accept text messages or phone calls during this time.
  • Collaborate with your principal and bus operator in order to correct any problems your student may be causing on the bus.
  • Notify MESC Transportation Department when you no longer require bus service, or when a change in service is needed.
  • Review the regulations and rules of conduct with your child(ren) to ensure they understand safety on the bus.
  • If parents chose to have their child/ren picked up at the door, they must ensure there is an adequate and clear turn around area.
  • Advise the Transportation Coordinator of any medical condition(s) that might require health/safety intervention by the Operator.

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