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Maskwacis Cree Junior High

January 2024

Tânîsi kahkiyaw!

This Newsletter is here to present student updates, activities, news and more! This month we are proud to show off our student’s hard work, field trip fun, and creative projects.  Please scroll down below to our Newsletter gallery to view the pictures.

School Announcements:

PD Day on  Friday January 19, 2024. No School


Option Class Projects

Students learn about Ceremony, Dance, and Culture in Powwow Dancing class. Students finished Term 1 with a Round Dance in the Tipi Room!

Beading students completed their projects in Term 2 with beautiful beaded ornaments!


School Events:

MacEwan University volleyball coach and players came to host a skills workshop with our volleyball teams!


University of Alberta medical students came to MCJH to teach our students bandaging and suturing.

*See Pictures Below*

A Day with the Calgary Flames!

MCJH Students were taken to go watch the Calgary Flames private practice and finished the day watching their game! An unforgettable night! Scroll below to view the pictures.


School Fun!

Dress Like a Teacher/Student Day had many laughs and spitting image fun of our staff and students. Scroll down to also see pictures with Santa!


MCJH Newsletter 2023-2024

What is Oskayak Nikaniwin?

Our Student Leadership Team, where all students have:

  • A chance to demonstrate acts of leadership through our Cree tipi teachings
  • A chance to work as a team to positively build up our school community
  • An opportunity to create fun opportunities for your fellow classmates: Spirit Days (PJs, Superhero, Jersey, etc. days)
  • An opportunity to help out with school events: school assemblies; holiday celebrations; school sports; etc.
  • An opportunity to collaborate with the MCSH leadership team
  • A chance to go out into the world and experience leadership opportunities
  • A chance to participate in team-building experiences
  • A chance to help local causes in our community to make a positive impact through our support and love
  • A  chance to help and make a difference by supporting global causes around the world
  • An opportunity to lift your own spirits as a leader
  • An opportunity to be you while helping to create something bigger than yourself

Leadership Image Memories

Kisikeyihtamowin - Our MCJH Foundations Program

The Maskwacîs Education Schools Commission values of Îyinîw Mâmitonehicikan, Nehiyaw Pimâtisiwin, Nehiyawewin, and Wâhkôhtowin are foundational to the  Kisikeyihtamowin program. 

This grade 7-12 program is designed to provide rich Nehiyaw Pimâtisiwin experiences and optimum educational opportunities to support and meet the additional identified needs of Oskâyak.  

Oskâyak will engage in Nehiyawâtisiwin, Nehiyawewin, and Okapewes opportunities, including functional literacy and numeracy, work experience/readiness, self-advocacy, and other life skills with an emphasis on real-life situations and hands-on learning experiences. Integration into inclusive programming with same-aged peers is encouraged and is based on each Oskâyak strengths and interests. 

Foundations Fun Memories

School Newsletter 2023-2024

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